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Springtime Share

Springtime Share

A share will include:


lilac & grapefruit bitters

root beer syrup (concentrate)
nettle tea with dandelion leaf & tulsi

lavender hydrosol &

witch hazel pads with tea tree




This box will come as one share, to be delivered or shipped on April 26th.

  • Herbs in Spring ~ digestion . movement .

    The needs of the body in springtime are focused around proper digestion and movement of fluids. Think of the habits and diet of winter - trying to stay warm, more indoor activity, more rest, eating generally heavier, richer, even fattier foods. This is what our bodies do in winter to help us survive & thrive. Springtime awakens us - we stretch, move, clean, get outside, and our digestion is awakened too. Our bodies begin to digest the accumulation of winter months, and start cleaning house.

    This is the optimal time to use herbs & practices that assist our eliminatory organs in their function; the liver, gallbladder, lymph system, and skin. Spring is also the time for adding more sour and bitter flavors to your diet, as these activate the production of digestive juices like stomach acid, bile and enzymes. The herbs in this share do just that.

    These remedies are for Spring; to bolster liver function, promote healthy digestion, and keep the fluids of your body healthy & moving. 

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