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Plant Spirits : Herbal Distillate

Plant Spirits : Herbal Distillate

These plant spirits are made by distilling fresh or dried herbs in a traditional copper alembic still. By capturing the essential oils and acids from aromatic plants, you capture their unique scent & flavor profiles into a potent solution called a hydrosol. 


These hydrosols (plant spirits, herbal distillates) can be mixed into mocktails, used as flavorings, or used topically as a mist on the skin.  I like to say that they are non-alcoholic, just to distinguish them from their alcoholic kin, but that doesn't mean that they are not powerful. 

Herbal distillates contain parts of aromatic plants that support our nervous systems, helping us to relax, unwind, or feel uplifted & happy. They can be a nice alternative to intoxicating alcohol, but are also enjoyable in and of themselves, as a treat for the senses, and a balm for the blues. 



2 oz glass bottle, silver cap

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